Live independently with extra support

Filling the gap between independent living and residential care, Supported Accommodation is for people on a level three or four home care package.

Here, people can access services from their home care package and the Residency, but still live independently in a fully maintained one bedroom unit next to the Residency, our Allied Health centre and hydrotherapy pool in our Atze Parade precinct.

Designed for mobility aids and wheelchair use, these units are equipped with a kitchenette, fridge and washing machine and include care aids. Available either as fully furnished or unfurnished units.

Unit viewings are available by appointment, Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm.

COVID-19 Update

From May 1, 2020 you cannot enter an aged care facility if you have not been vaccinated against 2020 seasonal influenza, as mandated by the Emergency Management Direction 2020, Residential Aged Care Facilities, which can be read in full, along with FAQs here.

Residential Care facilities require proof of your vaccination. Information about how to access your statement is available here.

Industry Code for Visiting Residential Aged Care Homes During COVID-19 - Updated July 3, 2020

Visitors to Aged Care Facilities & Residents Leaving a Facility, June 19, 2020

Managing Your Wellbeing During COVID-19 - Video

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