Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Retirement Living

  • Ask yourself:
    – Where is my preferred location to live?
    – What size unit do I need to suit my lifestyle?
    – What is my budget?
    – What is my timeframe for moving?
  • Contact Barossa Village and make an appointment to view our units
  • If you have a property to sell, engage a real estate agent to determine the value of your property. This will help to set the budget for your unit purchase and the plan to sell your home
  • Once your property is sold you are ready to sign your Licence to Occupy Agreement

Barossa Village owns the unit and land. You are purchasing a Licence to Occupy, or the right to reside in the home until a life event sees you relinquish or exit the Licence to Occupy Agreement.

This is the fee paid to secure the Licence to Occupy for a specific independent living unit.

There is no stamp duty payable when buying an independent living unit.

The only ongoing fee is your fortnightly Maintenance and Services Fee which includes council and water rates, building insurance, building and garden maintenance.

There are no body corporate fees.

  • Electricity consumption and connection
  • Telephone and internet usage and connection
  • Insurance on your home contents
  • There are fees and charges for additional/personal services, activities and facilities, which can be discussed

Barossa Village refunds a set percentage of your Licence to Occupy fee to you or your estate on exit of your unit.

The exit refund will be explained to you and clearly outlined in your Licence to Occupy Agreement.

Your maintenance and services fees will continue until the date of your keys being returned.

There are no management, remarketing or refurbishment fees or costs to be paid on exit.

If there is any damage to the home, other than normal wear and tear, the cost of these repairs can be deducted from the exit refund.

Yes. We do have a Pet Owner’s Agreement that all residents must read, agree to the conditions and sign.

Yes. We do recommend you read the Licence to Occupy Agreement for visitor conditions.

We have space available in our maintenance yard that you access during office hours, Monday to Friday. There is no fee for caravan storage.

Yes! This is your retirement!

Maintenance fees will continue while you are away.

As a Licence to Occupy, any alterations or changes to your unit must be approved by Barossa Village management and are at your cost.

You can talk to our Community Home Care team or Residential Care Admissions Officer about your specific circumstances. Contact Us

COVID-19 Update

A person cannot enter an aged care facility unless they have received THREE COVID vaccinations or have a medical exemption. This applies to ALL staff, residents, visitors, contractors, and volunteers.

Prior to entering the Residency, you will be required to present evidence of your vaccination, unless you have previously provided Barossa Village with these details.  Please support our Administration team by having this information ready to present on the day of your visit, or in advance.

Additionally, a RAT will be provided to you upon your arrival at the Residency, with a negative result required for entry.

Thank you for helping us keep our community safe and healthy, we appreciate your support.