Home Care Packages

Our Australian Government subsidised home care packages are individually planned and coordinated, tailored to suit your individual needs to remain in your own home or retirement living unit.

One of our care coordinators will partner with you to give you choice and control over how your home care package can assist you to live your best life at home.

A full range of home care packages are available at Barossa Village, from Level 1 (basic level care needs) through to Level 4 (high care needs). You can feel secure knowing that if your circumstances change and you require additional services we will assist you to transfer to one of our higher levels home care packages in an easy, seamless manner. If you are on a high level package you will also have access to nursing care from a Registered Nurse, should you need it.

Home care packages are offered on a ‘consumer directed care’ approach. That means you have control and choice about the support and care you receive.  More information on consumer directed care is available by clicking here.

Barossa Village operates a 24 hour ‘on call’ service for home care package clients who require non-emergency care coordination, to give you support and reassurance when you need it most.

Eligibility to receive an Australian Government subsidised home care package is assessed by the local Aged Care Assessment Team in line with Australian Government guidelines.

A basic daily care fee is payable for all home care package recipients, up to a maximum of 17.5% of the basic pension. The daily fee supplements the Australian Government subsidy. The daily fee is payable on a per day basis, irrespective of how many days per week services are received. New home care package clients experiencing difficulty paying the fee can apply for hardship assistance to Centrelink.

New home care package clients who do not receive the full means-tested pension are required to complete an Aged Care Fees Income Assessment for Centrelink to determine if an income-tested care fee is also payable. It is advisable to complete the income assessment after meeting with a representative from the Aged Care Assessment Team.

If Centrelink determines an income-tested care fee is payable, Barossa Village is required to seek payment of the fee and the Australian Government will reduce the subsidy paid to Barossa Village for the package by the same amount.


The first step towards receiving a Home Care Package (HCP) is to provide Barossa Village with a copy of the My Aged Care letter stating that you have either been assessed for or have had a Home Care Package assigned. We will provide you with initial information and ask you whether an Aged Care Fees Income Assessment form has been sent to Centrelink (see Fees above).

Our approach to Home Care Packages
When a home care package has been assigned, we will arrange an initial meeting with you and your nominated representative/s, to provide you with detailed information to help you make a decision.



One of the ways we ensure you have choice and control over how your home care package is delivered, is to take an appropriate amount of time at the beginning to explore what you want out of the package.  We make sure there are no surprises!

Once you are satisfied you will then receive a draft Home Care Agreement which sets out the terms and conditions between Barossa Village and you the client.


A care coordinator will arrange a second meeting to:

  • Clarify aspects of the home care agreement
  • Respond to any questions
  • Formalise that you accept the home care agreement terms
  • Start the partnership process to learn more about you (including discussing what has been recorded in the ‘This is my life’ booklet) and explore your specific goals for being independent and living your best life at home and
  • Assist you to decide what services will achieve your stated goals.

The care coordinator will meet with you again on one or more occasions, if needed, to work with you to finalise your personalised care plan and budget for your home care package. Your care plan will be agreed by you before we commence any services.

If you have complex medical conditions or assistance with medications is required and you are assessed as requiring a Level 3 or Level 4 Home Care Package, a Registered Nurse will also be involved in the initial assessment process.

A fortnightly statement will be provided so you can monitor how your home care package is being spent.

We will contact you at least quarterly to receive your feedback on your care plan and services received. We will meet with you at least annually to formally update your care plan and discuss your stated goals. Where nursing assessments were required, these will be updated at least annually.

  • "I live by myself in my own home at least 20 kilometres from Barossa Village. But I get involved in all of their social programs including trips to wineries, picnics and film afternoons. I really look forward to my days out and a few laughs."
    Jane (82), Angaston
  • "We love packing the caravan and just heading off for a couple of months when we feel like it. Our cottage is monitored for security and the garden is maintained while we are away - it makes life very easy and flexible."
    Bill (65) and Maureen (62)
  • When both of my children went off to university I was at a bit of a loose end. I didn't really want to return to full time work but I knew I still had a lot to give. Now I have a weekly meeting with several Barossa Village residents - we have a coffee, a chat and I help them with their shopping. It's a rewarding part of my week.
    Glenys (46)
  • "Dad has dementia and was just getting too much for Mum. She didn't want to give up on him, but she need a break so we arranged a trip to Melbourne to see an AFL game with the grand kids. The Barossa Village Respite Care program was a lifesaver for both of them."

    David (48), Tea Tree Gully
  • "I just wasn't aware that a thing like Transitional Care existed. Mum was recovering from a bowel operation and we just couldn't lift her so Barossa Village arranged a care program until she was back on her feet - which freed us up to cook her healthy meals and spend quality time with her."
    Bronwyn (49), Angaston
  • "My Dad really feared losing his independence but after Mum died he wasn't eating properly and had several falls. The Residency staff were very sensitive to his needs and made sure he had plenty of space and time to adjust when he moved in. Now he has made several mates, has put on weight and is telling jokes again."
    John (51), Tanunda