Emergency Management Declaration for Aged Care Facilities Updated

Emergency Management Declaration for Aged Care Facilities Updated
June 22, 2020 BVWebAdmin

On June 18, 2020, the Emergency Management declaration was repealed and updated. The impact of this is, residents can now leave a facility for social functions and attend what were previously considered non urgent appointments.

Barossa Village is required to continue maintaining the visiting rules at an aged care facility.  This means we are still booking appointments for visits and we need to ensure that people have had their flu injections. 

People under 16 are allowed to enter the facility, providing they have been vaccinated, unless they are under 6 months.

If a resident leaves the aged care facility they must comply with the conditions of entry into an aged care facility; having their temperature checked on entry and having been vaccinated against flu.

For those who have not been vaccinated against flu, we will maintain the visiting window.

Procedure for a Resident Leaving the Facility

For a resident leaving the facility, it requires contacting administration and booking the resident out at least 24 hours prior and confirmation of:

  • Dates and times for when the resident will be leaving and returning to the facility
  • Where the resident will be visiting

This information allows for administration to be present and complete screening.

If you are considering taking a resident out for a social engagement, please ensure:

  • That NO person the resident comes in contact with, has cold and flu symptoms
  • Where possible, to restrict contact with people who have not been vaccinated against flu
  • Social distancing is maintained.  Taking a resident to a busy shopping centre for example, should be avoided.  We also encourage downloading the COVID Safe app.
  • Maintaining excellent hand hygiene.  If you require alcohol based hand rub, please ask administration

Cold & Flu Symptoms

If you have symptoms of cold or flu you MUST get tested. Tanunda Hospital, Gawler Health Service or GP clinics area available for testing.  Angaston Medical Centre has a fever clinic especially set up for this purpose.

If a resident has cold or flu symptoms they will be swabbed and confined to their rooms until results area available.  They will then have limited contact with the resident population until they no longer have symptoms.

If a resident has a positive swab they will be sent to a specialist COVID hospital in Adelaide.

It is vital that we continue to take this advice very seriously. Barossa Village appreciates the steps taken to assist our organisation meet the legislated requirements to keep our residents safe.

More Information

https://www.health.gov.au/health-topics/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov or call the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080

https://www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/wps/wcm/connect/Public+content/SA+Health+Internet/ or call the SA Health Information Line 13 14 65

  • "Dad has dementia and was just getting too much for Mum. She didn't want to give up on him, but she need a break so we arranged a trip to Melbourne to see an AFL game with the grand kids. The Barossa Village Respite Care program was a lifesaver for both of them."

    David (48), Tea Tree Gully
  • "My 80 year old mother had a fall and broke her shoulder. The level of service offered by Barossa Village was incredible - showering, dressing, driving to doctor's appointments. I live interstate and couldn't be with her all the time. It made me feel a lot happier that she was well looked after and she also recovered quickly."
    James (48), Melbourne
  • When both of my children went off to university I was at a bit of a loose end. I didn't really want to return to full time work but I knew I still had a lot to give. Now I have a weekly meeting with several Barossa Village residents - we have a coffee, a chat and I help them with their shopping. It's a rewarding part of my week.
    Glenys (46)
  • "We love packing the caravan and just heading off for a couple of months when we feel like it. Our cottage is monitored for security and the garden is maintained while we are away - it makes life very easy and flexible."
    Bill (65) and Maureen (62)
  • "My Dad really feared losing his independence but after Mum died he wasn't eating properly and had several falls. The Residency staff were very sensitive to his needs and made sure he had plenty of space and time to adjust when he moved in. Now he has made several mates, has put on weight and is telling jokes again."
    John (51), Tanunda
  • "We just love retirement in the Barossa. It is a real country community but with all the health, shopping and sporting facilities you would expect in the city."
    Joe (58) and Helen (55)