COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Keeping Our Community Safe


Q:  What are the current guidelines for visiting a residential care facility?

A:  The current Direction details are available here.

  • There are no restrictions on the number of care and support visits a resident may receive.
  • Limits on the number of people able to attend a resident have also been removed.
  • Visitors will continue to be screened upon entry and a visitor register will be maintained, including: name, telephone number, date and time of visit and departure, and resident/area visited).
  • Visitors (except children under 12 years) must wear a face mask at all times (unless eating or drinking). Masks are not required on or after 23 December 2020.
  • You cannot enter an aged care facility if you have not been vaccinated against 2020 seasonal influenza, as mandated by the Emergency Management Direction 2020, Residential Aged Care Facilities, which can be read in full, along with FAQs here.
  • Residential Care Facilities require proof of your vaccination.
  • Anyone who has been in a prohibited location or a high community transmission zone in NSW is prohibited from entering a Residential Aged Care Facility in South Australia.  Details are available here.

Q:  What if I am feeling unwell?

A:  As recommended by SA Health, if you are feeling unwell, or have cold and flu-like symptoms, attend a designated COVID testing clinic in your area.  Once tested, you should stay at home until you receive your results.  SA Health will direct you if there are any concerns.

If you are concerned about your health, contact your GP clinic for advice. Try to avoid attending your clinic, pharmacy or an emergency department.  In an emergency ring 000.

While you are unwell, you should self-isolate at home. Contact Barossa Village on 08 8562 0300, as we may be able to assist you through this period.

Q:  How do I protect myself if I need to go out?

A:  The use of face masks is recommended in areas where you cannot maintain a safe distance from others.  Hand hygiene is essential and using soap and water or hand sanitiser (at least 70% alcohol to be effective) is the best protection.  Avoid touching your face and maintain social distancing in public spaces.

Q:  Should I have people visiting me at home?

A:  Social connections are important during difficult times.  Check government guidelines around the number of people allowed in your home at the current time. If you would prefer your care provider to wear a face mask in your home, please let Barossa Village know before the visit.  You may also choose to wear a mask during service delivery.

Q: Can I still volunteer at Barossa Village?

A: Volunteering at the Residency continues, as long as you wear a mask and are feeling well and you check your temperature.

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Managing Your Wellbeing During COVID-19

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